Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Put down the pen... & walk away slowly.

im not sure how this will sound considering the fact that im a "poet".
but sometimes, (more so recently)
ive been getting so... hmm...
soooo poetry'd out that im like
okay that was a bit extreme,
but does anyone else ever get like that?
sometimes i wonder if my "poet friends" are missing out on life..
i wonder when the last time some of them took a walk in the park,
or enjoyed an evening out
that didn't include an open mic,
or spitting on the train,
or a chyper on the corner.
it sounds kind of odd to say,
but there is life beyond poetry.
and you don't have to agree with me..
but its MY blog so i can say what ever the hell i want to.
so i don't really care if you agree or not :) !
but, sometimes i just wanna put my notebook on the highest shelf of my bookcase,
and just let it collect a little dust. i mean, a little dust wont hurt.
....... right?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

For My One_Winged Angel.

i ran across the most beautiful pendent ever one day
while knick-knack shopping on my own.
and i went back with a pocket full of what was left of last months pay check
to buy that chain for you, but it was gone.
& i couldnt find it anywhere.
then i stumbled upon the SAME EXACT CHAIN online last night..
after our 3 hour phone call .
but last months paycheck is long gone and so is this months,
so i hope a picture will do until then.
(you know who you are.)

*btw i have the earring you lost..
dont ask how, just know i have it*