Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yeah, im definately in English class,
& im susposed to be writing some dumb ass paper,
but i've decided that reading my bestfriend's blog is alot more important !
& i noticed that she's not as cheery as she makes people believe.
and shes finally willing to show people who she really is,
and for the first time in a long time i want to follow someone.
i know in my KNicks slam entry i spoke about becoming a better person,
and all though im not saying that i dont wanna be a new person,
i kind of want to be true to myself, the old self..
or maybe it cause i've been in this weird ass mood ALLLLL week;
im just talking out my ass.
=/ ! i dont know whats wrong with meeeeeeee!!!!!
for the first time ever i've been walking around with a rainbow bracelet
& i'm way more open about my sexuality and myslef,
but for sum reason little things people have been saying
are truley bothering me.
{i was sitting next to them while the convo was happening}
My "friend" #1 [to friend #2]: if you were gay i would never talk to you again
Friend #2 [to friend #1] : i would never talk to myself again.
[mind u im the only OPENLY gay student in the clas... hmmm]
so i was a bit offended, because i knew they were serious.
& it bothered me more than i think it should have.
=/ augh... whats rong with me?

Thursday, March 5, 2009


. . . . . W E L L . . . . .
Tia-Mone has never had good luck with best friends,
i've always like to think that i was just cursed when it came to picking adequate friends,
but recently that curse was broken by these two earthbound angels.
[Whitley & Reynold] !!

*photo credit goes to BLU{e}*

its going to be soo hard to leave them when its time for college,
i love these two people with all of my heart and then some!
never thought i would CLICK with anyone as quickly as them...
from floating boats in oil, and oral orgasms lmfaooooo!
i will never find any two people who complete me the way they do!.

Pure Happiness !

my little cousins
they came all the way from;
Philly, to spend the day with me! =)!
oh my gosh i love themmmm

this week is just going sooooo well =)!!

* my liddo cousins; [Yahree, Zariyah, Dirk Dirk] *

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

it was over TOO quickly !

AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Today is officially the day after the new beginning of my life! =) keep up this is gonna be a good one! hahaha. well yesterday was the Knicks Poetry Slam!! & it was beautiful, the people, the atmosphere, and most importantly the poetry. yesterday seriously changed my life, and many others. i know people say that bullshit all the time talking about they gonna be a better person now, then wake up and do the same shit all over again. but thank "god" im not everyone else. seriously this experience has changed who Tia-Mone is. i threw away this one named Madonna wanna be "Tia" and became Tia-Mone Llopiz, full time. hate it or love it, but ima be me 24/7 now. im done with the bull iish ! (but that's a whole 'nother entry) first and foremost i would love to thank the 13 other poets who made this experience one i will never forget! 1)Bintu 2)J-9 3)Elton 4)Kevin 5)Dom-O 6)Ceez 7)Kiara 8)TY 9)Lo 10)Sonya 11)Jadon 12) Yung 13) Jorge *in no particular order* bold indicates the winners tho! all of you touched my heart in some way through out this process, i'm gonna miss it ohdee. =/!! congrats j-9, ceez, & yung for taking home big money! =). this was a time to remember! buggin out with rives, the new york times interview, just chillen cuz we DOPE LIKE THAT!! lol* i love you guys. =)!
{i have come to the realization that this blog was pointless,
and the only thing i really had to say was