Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For my Soul Sister...

Do you remember the night I watched you sleep?
Peered at your smiling eyes
As you dreamt of solving life’s questions
I still remember
You told me to join you on this quest
Said that you might need me to slay a few dragons

Or save the princess he locked away in your heart

I packed my mental bags
And joined you in your slumber
Met you on the corner of poetry and real life
And you told me you weren’t sure which way to go
I whispered
Make your own path
That no matter your choice I’d be there

But I refuse{d} to walk ahead of you
This was your journey
But when your feet grew weary
I was there to lend a piggy back ride
Or there to keep you company as you rested
Never forgetting that I had my own dragons to slay
& my own princess to free
But this was about you
My older sister

Resembled a flightless angel
Covering the wings you weren’t sure how to use yet
Snowy skin
Hiding the darkened heart his empty vodka bottles left
Small yet so big to the world

& Sister,
I’m sorry we didn’t slay any dragons that night
Nor did we unlock the tower the true you still sits in
I’m sorry,
That I can’t fix your past or erase your scars
But I’m here to lend a band-aid if you get a new one
Here to hold you while you cry
Here to listen to your heart when you’re not ready to speak
I’m here because a Tia would never be complete without her Tamara

Hand in hand
Step by step
We will take this world by storm

Interracial friendships were always my favorite
I know I don’t tell you I love you enough
But I always figured it was implied
Maybe not
I love you
My forgotten princess sister
I love you

So when your tower comes tumbling down
And your royal feet hit the ground for the first time
Your little sister
That there’s no need to cry in the dark anymore
Remember that
I’ll be here to help you graffiti heavens walls when you’re ready
Even though I’m not that good,
Just, remember I did my best.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trip down memory lane.

So on this beautiful day i am stuck babysitting, my puppy. YES I AM BABYSITTING A PUPPY!! hes a baby just like your little sister or brother is or was! but anyway, as he takes his nap i decided to take a look through the pictures on my computer... running across plenty of pictures that made me a bit nostalgic. there have been plenty of people come into my life and then storm out and leave, leaving me confused, highly upset, and a bit broken. Two people in particular have been on my mind for a while my ex best friend Jasmine-Lynn & my ex girlfriend Jade. At one point in time they were my every things, Two Jays & a T. sigh** Jaszy was my best friend since the 7th grade, and me and jade were together since 8.21.07 and although its been a while since me n her broke up & me and jaszy havent spoken in about 6months, i still miss them both deeply. =/. sometimes i wonder if i had been the person i am now, back then would they still have been in my life....

*me & Jasz in the 8th grade. Valentines Day*

*me & Jade (our 1st picture together)*

Answer me this..

have you hidden mirrors in your eyes?

because i see

myself so clearly.

*we dont always get along;
but i would be lost without my twin sister*

Friday, April 24, 2009

{Wo}mans bestfriend <33

this handsome man is
my new PUPPY D.Jay <3

Sunday, April 19, 2009

well after yesterdays angry angry blog. . .
im gnna debut my 1st HAPPY BLOG in a while.
well 1st things 1st
today was 09's first practice at my house,
&& boyyyyyy was that fun.
i seriously love my team no matter what.
little fights, arguments, or whatever you wanna call it
wont stop me from loving them !
Kiara, Jorge, Ceez, Carv, & Giselle
(in no particular order of course)
oh9 is going to be hard work . . . .
but if we believe in each other we will make it thru.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

take a glance in the mirror...

before you decide to judge anyone else.
so basically..
I've officially been hated for the first time in my life,
::insert round of applause::
and i thought it would impact me a little more than it has,
but truthfully it isn't bothering me at all.
i think its because i know i didn't do anything wrong,
so why worry my pretty little head over something that was
much like the size of my previous statement
I've never been the ::whispers:: "he say she say" type,
but apparently someone who i considered a friend thinks i am.
And if they never wanna be my friend again,
goodbye and good riddance
i can never be truly satisfied with life
if the people in my life are constatntly pulling me down.
All i need right now:
my Family, my best friends, my chicaz, & the true team.
I'm sure i will hear that this was
"immature of me to place this on blog spot"
but truthfully,
i don't care!
and another thing
i love how the people who are being the
attempt to call other people out on there childish ways.
i can admit i have a bit childish within this situation
but i will fight fire with fire,
well in this case it was more of...
so dique I'm ruining ur life.
how can i ruin ur life???
when I'm only a minuscule part of it???
your putting entirely too much in other peoples hands.
i don't pray often but for you my child i will pray.
hope u rest easy tonight,
becuase u may hate me,
but i will never hate you.
... maybe i shouldnt have said never.