Monday, August 24, 2009

The Section 101 ! Get on it !
** follow this blog, trust me you wont regret it **

The Section, who consists of Millie Mcphresh (age 18 born May 30th 1991) and Polite (age 17 October 5th 1991), is a Hip-Hop duo from Oakpark/Chicago founded in their english class freshmen year,now seniors at OPRF High the duo has done performances around the city, such as "The Nike Slam” which was in front of Malik Yusef and a huge list of other big named poets, during the performance the judges were amazed by their originality and delivery. At a different venue, they performed for DJ Kool Herc and he thought they were dope. The Section has prefromed at the Taste of Chicago 09 and Haut clothing store while two writers for The Complex magazine were in the audience. The duo has also done a show for the opening of an arts center in the South Lawndale Community called “HIP-HOP REVIVAL FOR PEACE AND UNITY ”.The Section looks foward to doing even bigger venues as they continue to grow as artist and the birth of Success Music group continues to blossom.

*dope ass dudes no lie,

& they on here doing the same shit we are,

so show love and love will be shown back .



that is all i wanted to say .

kinda why i miss chicago .

im normally the type to write paragraphs about my feelings and shit. but fuxx all of that lol . the only thing i can really say is this boy is something special . not many people can work their way into my heart on such short notice. but he managed to, and im happy he did . i've needed a friend like him, FOR A LONGGGGGG TIME !!

i love you Milton Marquis McKinney . lmfao !

why i'll miss NY . . .

** this right here is my bestfriend in the ENTIRE WORLD**
(shoutout to my other bff Whitley)
omg i have no clue what i will do with out my little foot / soopaflykai !!
i love this girl so much . sigh**

my NY Times debut .

just in case anyone missed the article <3
(this was pre urbanword09 fyi) .

Friday, August 21, 2009

Call me weird ...

if you must.
but Hiroshima and Nagasaki shadows
have always been really interesting to me,
so i was google imaging pictures of them .
and i found these two that were really cool to me
in a weird creepy way .

& i stumbled across this poem about 2 years ago,
and wouldnt give up until i found it again.
At the Makeshift Aid Station

You girls—
weeping even though there is no place
for your tears to come from;
crying out even though you have no lips to shape the words;
struggling even though you have no skin
on your fingers to grasp anything with—
you girls.

Your limbs twitch, oozing blood and greasy sweat and lymph;
your eyes, puffed to slits, glitter whitely;
only the elastic bands of your panties hold in
your swollen bellies;
you are wholly beyond shame even though your private parts
are exposed:
who could think
that a little while ago
you all were pretty schoolgirls?

Emerging from the flames flickering gloomily
in burned-out Hiroshima
no longer yourselves,
you rushed out, crawled out one after the other,
struggled along to this grassy spot,
in agony laid your heads, bald but for a few wisps of hair.
on the ground.

Why must you suffer like this?
Why must...
--Toge Sankichi


Tattoo's were what made the summer what it was .
everyone was tatted up by August .
and i loved the flow of pictures,
and the ANNOYING PEOPLE asking me to apply A&D ointment .
but these are a few of my faves . <3

Millz :


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Beautiful Woman .

Today is Ms.Aja-Monet's birthday.
i thought that maybe a simple wall post on facebook would suffice,
but when i sat and thought about you,
and how much you mean to me i realized that wouldn't be enough.
So I'm dedicating this blog entry to you.
Ms. AJA-MONET the woman who made this summer one to remember,
with all your odd antics , beautiful smiles and not so beautiful tears. lol.
i wish you the best at life, in all your endeavors.
i hope that this birthday is one you will forever remember.
Aja i love you!
your more than a coach, more than a poet, your a friend even more a family member.
someone that i could never replace (not that i plan to try).
have a safe way to Chitown see you there soon.
but most importantly . . .
iloveyou. <3

"Not as small as we look"

**one of my fave poems from BNV **

Boys will be Boys ;)

My Babies <3

D.Jay has gotten HUGE !!!!
but hes still just as annoying, but i love him nonetheless <3
i love my cat ohdee, ima miss him so much when i leave *tear*

Fave part about graduating ...?


i got a Nikon D60;
now i can pretend to be a photographer on my free time !

i know good music when i hear it .

i must admit OLD MONEY is my dirty little obsession .

Brave New Voices the voice of Aja.

"My team, the Urban Word NYC slam team,
had a particularly moving and startling breakdown at our semifinals bout after a poet, Jorge,
completely broke with disappointment in the lack of support and positive energy showed to the New York City team.
One of our core focuses as educators and cultivators of young voices at Urban Word NYC in the slam,
is we expect each team member and Urban Word entourage members
including coaches and mentors to support every team we compete against.
We shake hands and introduce ourselves to other team members
and after giving standing ovations to each team we competed against we therein realized that New York City received unmotivated claps and a few supporting screams,
Jorge was flooded with rage and tears and proceeded to throw his fists in the air with frustration--
we had to walk him out the room and decided then that the best way to handle the hurt of the team
was to confront the issue at hand.
Jorge closed our semi final round with a poem he dedicates to his grandmother, dealing with the gentrification of Harlem.
Prior to reading this poem he opened with a brutally vulnerable introduction and disclaimer.
His confusion of the lack of support resonated with us all and he wore his heart proudly on that stage,
admitting the feelings shared with other teams,
the need and want to be supported and the frustration with those caught up in the competition
and forgetting the importance of uniting together at this festival not as teams against each other
but as young people coming together against and simultaneously, for the world.
He admitted NYC having felt so alone at BNV this year in an emotionally wrecking way,
he then continued into his poem and overwhelmed with self stumbled across words,
displaying an incredible source of organic unpolished vulnerability that spoke
to a universal truth we could all experience and understand.
After the scores were disregarded by our score keeper, Lauren Whitehead, to which she responded,
teary eyed to Jorge that he was not alone and that none of the young people at BNV were alone,
reminding young people that it was not HBO against them or anyone else
but rather they were the forces of light the world has been pushing for.
I was particularly brought to tears after witnessing the depth of growth in my team and
overwhelmingly proud of all of their efforts and their incredible bravery.
The bout was simply put, magic in so many ways, a work of God, truly.
So much gratitude to QUEEN GODIS,
who supported the team through each bout
though only a few of us will know truly the depth of her wondrous spirit,
I am in awe of the incredible ability she has to awaken the best in our spirits and the source of life in our selves."
--Aja-Monet <3
** i dont think anyone could have said it better **

College Girl .

I'm officially a
Delaware State University Hornet .
::round of applause::
I couldn't be more excited to finally be going to college .
Especially since DSU was my 1st (and only choice) .