Saturday, May 22, 2010

NewName** (pt 2)

Sooo.. yeah the whole 'Forgotten Seraphim' thing was cool for a while ; while i thought the whole world didnt know who i was and while that mattered to me. but i have come to the realization the world will never know who i am if i dont know who i am.. so i have been soul searching; or in this case 'STAR SNATCHING*' .. (clever right?... ok maybe not) . but yeah my whole love for astronomy and the stars has only increased over the last few months and while trying to find myself and build myself, i have found refuge in the stars. (pssh im such a poet lol) . but yeah in case you were wondering where the new name came from.



well as my readers probably already know..
im not the brightest crayon in the box,
although i tend to be the favorite.
but while filling out a few offical papers at school i noticed the spelling of my name on record was not the spelling i had been using for years.
As you know i spell(ed) my name " Tia-Mone "
come to find out my name is actually "Tia-Monai" not much of a difference but still ...
after a few weeks of contemplating should i just adopt the right way of spelling it or legally change it to "Mone" i decided, hey why not try something new.
Everything else in my life is starting fresh why not start everything from scratch.
I've even decided to ditch the dash (hey that sounds cool)
*repeats 3 more times, ditch the dash.. ditch the dash.. ditch the.. okay you get it*
So here you go blog world, I am now and will forever be (maybe)
TIAMONAI {nolastname.} *


So .. i'm offically home for the summer-
which means i have completed my first year of college =) !!!
ohh-- if only i could explain how beautiful my experiance was.
Although i had a rough time first semester and really wanted to transfer;
i have decided that DSU is the place for me.
I am now a Hornet and will be a Hornet.
yeah im corny i know. so what? its my blog =P !
i befriended some of the best people i have ever met #TEAM108 eoww lol.
my roomate(s) are gifts from god. =)

these girls along with my girlfriend, wife, number1, friend
and a few others made my freshman year the best !
i cant wait to go back =)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Relationships ??

--FAiL !!! ... NEXTTTTTT !! .
*yup its just that simple*

Friday, February 12, 2010

Blizzard Activities =)!!

** what we do at school when theres 3feet of snow on the ground
and all the buildings on campus are closed **

Starring the pic wacka flacka fag !! <3>

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hes No "Baby" Anymore --

D.JAY is no ones baby anymore --
he just had his first birthday !!
HAPPY {belated} BIRTHDAY D.JAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's all grown now, nice and 7 , lol !!
i miss my puppy hmph*
but these pics are the closest to him i can get with me being at school! =(

Saturday, January 9, 2010

-- Mattel Made ?!

*Shakes head vigorously* Now Ladies -- this whole "ima Barbie" epidemic has GOT to come to an end ! PLEASE ! I mean it was cute in the beginning everyone was a barbie ; then it was like "not only am i a barbie but ima Bad Barbie , or {even worse} ima Harajuku Barbie". And that was cool - but what really caused me to notice the epidemic i was witnessing was when the Studs jumped onto the bandwagon like "oh shit i wanna be a barbie too - but ima be a .... a .... a KEN barbie" let me say that was an ULTIMATE FAIL ! Notice the ken barbie never sold as much as Barbie did now why would you wanna be a second rate Barbie doll ? now your just plastic and NO ONE PLAYS WITH YOU ! Now lets take a trip down memory lane .... do any of you even have any of your Barbie Dolls anymore ? Most likely you said No; [ 1 POINT FOR ME ! ] nowwww if you answered yes {either you lied, or} your one of those {weird} girls who has kept her Barbies in Plastic -- notice ; they have never been played with hmmm now how many of you that consider your self a barbie still has your innocence???? Dont worry I'll wait I know theres at least one out there ; ( & shes the one who collects the dolls) . When we were younger our Barbies eiher ended up with their heads popped off ; or lying around with no clothes on -- I mean if thats your idea of a future than be my guest and be a Barbie all you'd like ! Anywhoooo ! im done with this ; Enjoy Yourself in all your plasticness !

-- P E A C E <3