Monday, November 16, 2009

Woah.. its been FOREVER !!!

well, as you all know i am now an official College Student
( Delaware State University Hornet to be exact ) .
And boy has college changed me already.
Although DSU isn't what i expected
[quite a disappointment actually]
i am enjoying my last few weeks of 1st semester
and will make the best out of my last semester of being a DSU Hornet.
if you haven't caught on by now, I plan on transferring...
1st. choice is St.Johns University in Queens, NY
2nd choice is New Jersey City University in Jersey City.
i really have a 3rd choice =/ !

but in better newsssss . . .
i recently began a relationship with someone that i really care about.
Hes a great guy. and that's what matters most to me right now.
[[ 11.07.09 ]]
*its a fresh start, and that what i need*

**later dudes, promise to write more often ;] .

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Section 101 ! Get on it !
** follow this blog, trust me you wont regret it **

The Section, who consists of Millie Mcphresh (age 18 born May 30th 1991) and Polite (age 17 October 5th 1991), is a Hip-Hop duo from Oakpark/Chicago founded in their english class freshmen year,now seniors at OPRF High the duo has done performances around the city, such as "The Nike Slam” which was in front of Malik Yusef and a huge list of other big named poets, during the performance the judges were amazed by their originality and delivery. At a different venue, they performed for DJ Kool Herc and he thought they were dope. The Section has prefromed at the Taste of Chicago 09 and Haut clothing store while two writers for The Complex magazine were in the audience. The duo has also done a show for the opening of an arts center in the South Lawndale Community called “HIP-HOP REVIVAL FOR PEACE AND UNITY ”.The Section looks foward to doing even bigger venues as they continue to grow as artist and the birth of Success Music group continues to blossom.

*dope ass dudes no lie,

& they on here doing the same shit we are,

so show love and love will be shown back .



that is all i wanted to say .

kinda why i miss chicago .

im normally the type to write paragraphs about my feelings and shit. but fuxx all of that lol . the only thing i can really say is this boy is something special . not many people can work their way into my heart on such short notice. but he managed to, and im happy he did . i've needed a friend like him, FOR A LONGGGGGG TIME !!

i love you Milton Marquis McKinney . lmfao !

why i'll miss NY . . .

** this right here is my bestfriend in the ENTIRE WORLD**
(shoutout to my other bff Whitley)
omg i have no clue what i will do with out my little foot / soopaflykai !!
i love this girl so much . sigh**

my NY Times debut .

just in case anyone missed the article <3
(this was pre urbanword09 fyi) .

Friday, August 21, 2009

Call me weird ...

if you must.
but Hiroshima and Nagasaki shadows
have always been really interesting to me,
so i was google imaging pictures of them .
and i found these two that were really cool to me
in a weird creepy way .

& i stumbled across this poem about 2 years ago,
and wouldnt give up until i found it again.
At the Makeshift Aid Station

You girls—
weeping even though there is no place
for your tears to come from;
crying out even though you have no lips to shape the words;
struggling even though you have no skin
on your fingers to grasp anything with—
you girls.

Your limbs twitch, oozing blood and greasy sweat and lymph;
your eyes, puffed to slits, glitter whitely;
only the elastic bands of your panties hold in
your swollen bellies;
you are wholly beyond shame even though your private parts
are exposed:
who could think
that a little while ago
you all were pretty schoolgirls?

Emerging from the flames flickering gloomily
in burned-out Hiroshima
no longer yourselves,
you rushed out, crawled out one after the other,
struggled along to this grassy spot,
in agony laid your heads, bald but for a few wisps of hair.
on the ground.

Why must you suffer like this?
Why must...
--Toge Sankichi


Tattoo's were what made the summer what it was .
everyone was tatted up by August .
and i loved the flow of pictures,
and the ANNOYING PEOPLE asking me to apply A&D ointment .
but these are a few of my faves . <3

Millz :


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Beautiful Woman .

Today is Ms.Aja-Monet's birthday.
i thought that maybe a simple wall post on facebook would suffice,
but when i sat and thought about you,
and how much you mean to me i realized that wouldn't be enough.
So I'm dedicating this blog entry to you.
Ms. AJA-MONET the woman who made this summer one to remember,
with all your odd antics , beautiful smiles and not so beautiful tears. lol.
i wish you the best at life, in all your endeavors.
i hope that this birthday is one you will forever remember.
Aja i love you!
your more than a coach, more than a poet, your a friend even more a family member.
someone that i could never replace (not that i plan to try).
have a safe way to Chitown see you there soon.
but most importantly . . .
iloveyou. <3

"Not as small as we look"

**one of my fave poems from BNV **

Boys will be Boys ;)

My Babies <3

D.Jay has gotten HUGE !!!!
but hes still just as annoying, but i love him nonetheless <3
i love my cat ohdee, ima miss him so much when i leave *tear*

Fave part about graduating ...?


i got a Nikon D60;
now i can pretend to be a photographer on my free time !

i know good music when i hear it .

i must admit OLD MONEY is my dirty little obsession .

Brave New Voices the voice of Aja.

"My team, the Urban Word NYC slam team,
had a particularly moving and startling breakdown at our semifinals bout after a poet, Jorge,
completely broke with disappointment in the lack of support and positive energy showed to the New York City team.
One of our core focuses as educators and cultivators of young voices at Urban Word NYC in the slam,
is we expect each team member and Urban Word entourage members
including coaches and mentors to support every team we compete against.
We shake hands and introduce ourselves to other team members
and after giving standing ovations to each team we competed against we therein realized that New York City received unmotivated claps and a few supporting screams,
Jorge was flooded with rage and tears and proceeded to throw his fists in the air with frustration--
we had to walk him out the room and decided then that the best way to handle the hurt of the team
was to confront the issue at hand.
Jorge closed our semi final round with a poem he dedicates to his grandmother, dealing with the gentrification of Harlem.
Prior to reading this poem he opened with a brutally vulnerable introduction and disclaimer.
His confusion of the lack of support resonated with us all and he wore his heart proudly on that stage,
admitting the feelings shared with other teams,
the need and want to be supported and the frustration with those caught up in the competition
and forgetting the importance of uniting together at this festival not as teams against each other
but as young people coming together against and simultaneously, for the world.
He admitted NYC having felt so alone at BNV this year in an emotionally wrecking way,
he then continued into his poem and overwhelmed with self stumbled across words,
displaying an incredible source of organic unpolished vulnerability that spoke
to a universal truth we could all experience and understand.
After the scores were disregarded by our score keeper, Lauren Whitehead, to which she responded,
teary eyed to Jorge that he was not alone and that none of the young people at BNV were alone,
reminding young people that it was not HBO against them or anyone else
but rather they were the forces of light the world has been pushing for.
I was particularly brought to tears after witnessing the depth of growth in my team and
overwhelmingly proud of all of their efforts and their incredible bravery.
The bout was simply put, magic in so many ways, a work of God, truly.
So much gratitude to QUEEN GODIS,
who supported the team through each bout
though only a few of us will know truly the depth of her wondrous spirit,
I am in awe of the incredible ability she has to awaken the best in our spirits and the source of life in our selves."
--Aja-Monet <3
** i dont think anyone could have said it better **

College Girl .

I'm officially a
Delaware State University Hornet .
::round of applause::
I couldn't be more excited to finally be going to college .
Especially since DSU was my 1st (and only choice) .

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

so as you all know Mr. Michael "King of Pop" Jackson passed away.
and everyone is all torn up about his death.
and i must admit its sad, but i refuse to stop my life and be all depressed about his death.
Im sorry it happened, but people die everyday.
Lets not forget about the dying children in Africa,
or the casualties because of the War in Iraq.
Lets not forget that people die all the time,
and they dont get memorial services that stop all television,
nor do they get front page on every news paper.
im sorry if i sound inconsiderate
but truthfully just because MJ died dont let the world stop.
It is a sad event but it isnt the end of the world, nor the end of Pop.

MiSSiNG !!!

if you see these people tell them i miss them dearly .
& that i need them to return,
my heart feels empty with out them there.

i been gone for a minute. . .

now I'm back with a vengeance.
time wasnt allowing me to blog as often as i would like;
but im back & loving it <3>

*i missed ya'll*

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Put down the pen... & walk away slowly.

im not sure how this will sound considering the fact that im a "poet".
but sometimes, (more so recently)
ive been getting so... hmm...
soooo poetry'd out that im like
okay that was a bit extreme,
but does anyone else ever get like that?
sometimes i wonder if my "poet friends" are missing out on life..
i wonder when the last time some of them took a walk in the park,
or enjoyed an evening out
that didn't include an open mic,
or spitting on the train,
or a chyper on the corner.
it sounds kind of odd to say,
but there is life beyond poetry.
and you don't have to agree with me..
but its MY blog so i can say what ever the hell i want to.
so i don't really care if you agree or not :) !
but, sometimes i just wanna put my notebook on the highest shelf of my bookcase,
and just let it collect a little dust. i mean, a little dust wont hurt.
....... right?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

For My One_Winged Angel.

i ran across the most beautiful pendent ever one day
while knick-knack shopping on my own.
and i went back with a pocket full of what was left of last months pay check
to buy that chain for you, but it was gone.
& i couldnt find it anywhere.
then i stumbled upon the SAME EXACT CHAIN online last night..
after our 3 hour phone call .
but last months paycheck is long gone and so is this months,
so i hope a picture will do until then.
(you know who you are.)

*btw i have the earring you lost..
dont ask how, just know i have it*

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For my Soul Sister...

Do you remember the night I watched you sleep?
Peered at your smiling eyes
As you dreamt of solving life’s questions
I still remember
You told me to join you on this quest
Said that you might need me to slay a few dragons

Or save the princess he locked away in your heart

I packed my mental bags
And joined you in your slumber
Met you on the corner of poetry and real life
And you told me you weren’t sure which way to go
I whispered
Make your own path
That no matter your choice I’d be there

But I refuse{d} to walk ahead of you
This was your journey
But when your feet grew weary
I was there to lend a piggy back ride
Or there to keep you company as you rested
Never forgetting that I had my own dragons to slay
& my own princess to free
But this was about you
My older sister

Resembled a flightless angel
Covering the wings you weren’t sure how to use yet
Snowy skin
Hiding the darkened heart his empty vodka bottles left
Small yet so big to the world

& Sister,
I’m sorry we didn’t slay any dragons that night
Nor did we unlock the tower the true you still sits in
I’m sorry,
That I can’t fix your past or erase your scars
But I’m here to lend a band-aid if you get a new one
Here to hold you while you cry
Here to listen to your heart when you’re not ready to speak
I’m here because a Tia would never be complete without her Tamara

Hand in hand
Step by step
We will take this world by storm

Interracial friendships were always my favorite
I know I don’t tell you I love you enough
But I always figured it was implied
Maybe not
I love you
My forgotten princess sister
I love you

So when your tower comes tumbling down
And your royal feet hit the ground for the first time
Your little sister
That there’s no need to cry in the dark anymore
Remember that
I’ll be here to help you graffiti heavens walls when you’re ready
Even though I’m not that good,
Just, remember I did my best.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trip down memory lane.

So on this beautiful day i am stuck babysitting, my puppy. YES I AM BABYSITTING A PUPPY!! hes a baby just like your little sister or brother is or was! but anyway, as he takes his nap i decided to take a look through the pictures on my computer... running across plenty of pictures that made me a bit nostalgic. there have been plenty of people come into my life and then storm out and leave, leaving me confused, highly upset, and a bit broken. Two people in particular have been on my mind for a while my ex best friend Jasmine-Lynn & my ex girlfriend Jade. At one point in time they were my every things, Two Jays & a T. sigh** Jaszy was my best friend since the 7th grade, and me and jade were together since 8.21.07 and although its been a while since me n her broke up & me and jaszy havent spoken in about 6months, i still miss them both deeply. =/. sometimes i wonder if i had been the person i am now, back then would they still have been in my life....

*me & Jasz in the 8th grade. Valentines Day*

*me & Jade (our 1st picture together)*

Answer me this..

have you hidden mirrors in your eyes?

because i see

myself so clearly.

*we dont always get along;
but i would be lost without my twin sister*

Friday, April 24, 2009

{Wo}mans bestfriend <33

this handsome man is
my new PUPPY D.Jay <3

Sunday, April 19, 2009

well after yesterdays angry angry blog. . .
im gnna debut my 1st HAPPY BLOG in a while.
well 1st things 1st
today was 09's first practice at my house,
&& boyyyyyy was that fun.
i seriously love my team no matter what.
little fights, arguments, or whatever you wanna call it
wont stop me from loving them !
Kiara, Jorge, Ceez, Carv, & Giselle
(in no particular order of course)
oh9 is going to be hard work . . . .
but if we believe in each other we will make it thru.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

take a glance in the mirror...

before you decide to judge anyone else.
so basically..
I've officially been hated for the first time in my life,
::insert round of applause::
and i thought it would impact me a little more than it has,
but truthfully it isn't bothering me at all.
i think its because i know i didn't do anything wrong,
so why worry my pretty little head over something that was
much like the size of my previous statement
I've never been the ::whispers:: "he say she say" type,
but apparently someone who i considered a friend thinks i am.
And if they never wanna be my friend again,
goodbye and good riddance
i can never be truly satisfied with life
if the people in my life are constatntly pulling me down.
All i need right now:
my Family, my best friends, my chicaz, & the true team.
I'm sure i will hear that this was
"immature of me to place this on blog spot"
but truthfully,
i don't care!
and another thing
i love how the people who are being the
attempt to call other people out on there childish ways.
i can admit i have a bit childish within this situation
but i will fight fire with fire,
well in this case it was more of...
so dique I'm ruining ur life.
how can i ruin ur life???
when I'm only a minuscule part of it???
your putting entirely too much in other peoples hands.
i don't pray often but for you my child i will pray.
hope u rest easy tonight,
becuase u may hate me,
but i will never hate you.
... maybe i shouldnt have said never.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yeah, im definately in English class,
& im susposed to be writing some dumb ass paper,
but i've decided that reading my bestfriend's blog is alot more important !
& i noticed that she's not as cheery as she makes people believe.
and shes finally willing to show people who she really is,
and for the first time in a long time i want to follow someone.
i know in my KNicks slam entry i spoke about becoming a better person,
and all though im not saying that i dont wanna be a new person,
i kind of want to be true to myself, the old self..
or maybe it cause i've been in this weird ass mood ALLLLL week;
im just talking out my ass.
=/ ! i dont know whats wrong with meeeeeeee!!!!!
for the first time ever i've been walking around with a rainbow bracelet
& i'm way more open about my sexuality and myslef,
but for sum reason little things people have been saying
are truley bothering me.
{i was sitting next to them while the convo was happening}
My "friend" #1 [to friend #2]: if you were gay i would never talk to you again
Friend #2 [to friend #1] : i would never talk to myself again.
[mind u im the only OPENLY gay student in the clas... hmmm]
so i was a bit offended, because i knew they were serious.
& it bothered me more than i think it should have.
=/ augh... whats rong with me?

Thursday, March 5, 2009


. . . . . W E L L . . . . .
Tia-Mone has never had good luck with best friends,
i've always like to think that i was just cursed when it came to picking adequate friends,
but recently that curse was broken by these two earthbound angels.
[Whitley & Reynold] !!

*photo credit goes to BLU{e}*

its going to be soo hard to leave them when its time for college,
i love these two people with all of my heart and then some!
never thought i would CLICK with anyone as quickly as them...
from floating boats in oil, and oral orgasms lmfaooooo!
i will never find any two people who complete me the way they do!.

Pure Happiness !

my little cousins
they came all the way from;
Philly, to spend the day with me! =)!
oh my gosh i love themmmm

this week is just going sooooo well =)!!

* my liddo cousins; [Yahree, Zariyah, Dirk Dirk] *

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

it was over TOO quickly !

AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Today is officially the day after the new beginning of my life! =) keep up this is gonna be a good one! hahaha. well yesterday was the Knicks Poetry Slam!! & it was beautiful, the people, the atmosphere, and most importantly the poetry. yesterday seriously changed my life, and many others. i know people say that bullshit all the time talking about they gonna be a better person now, then wake up and do the same shit all over again. but thank "god" im not everyone else. seriously this experience has changed who Tia-Mone is. i threw away this one named Madonna wanna be "Tia" and became Tia-Mone Llopiz, full time. hate it or love it, but ima be me 24/7 now. im done with the bull iish ! (but that's a whole 'nother entry) first and foremost i would love to thank the 13 other poets who made this experience one i will never forget! 1)Bintu 2)J-9 3)Elton 4)Kevin 5)Dom-O 6)Ceez 7)Kiara 8)TY 9)Lo 10)Sonya 11)Jadon 12) Yung 13) Jorge *in no particular order* bold indicates the winners tho! all of you touched my heart in some way through out this process, i'm gonna miss it ohdee. =/!! congrats j-9, ceez, & yung for taking home big money! =). this was a time to remember! buggin out with rives, the new york times interview, just chillen cuz we DOPE LIKE THAT!! lol* i love you guys. =)!
{i have come to the realization that this blog was pointless,
and the only thing i really had to say was