Saturday, January 9, 2010

-- Mattel Made ?!

*Shakes head vigorously* Now Ladies -- this whole "ima Barbie" epidemic has GOT to come to an end ! PLEASE ! I mean it was cute in the beginning everyone was a barbie ; then it was like "not only am i a barbie but ima Bad Barbie , or {even worse} ima Harajuku Barbie". And that was cool - but what really caused me to notice the epidemic i was witnessing was when the Studs jumped onto the bandwagon like "oh shit i wanna be a barbie too - but ima be a .... a .... a KEN barbie" let me say that was an ULTIMATE FAIL ! Notice the ken barbie never sold as much as Barbie did now why would you wanna be a second rate Barbie doll ? now your just plastic and NO ONE PLAYS WITH YOU ! Now lets take a trip down memory lane .... do any of you even have any of your Barbie Dolls anymore ? Most likely you said No; [ 1 POINT FOR ME ! ] nowwww if you answered yes {either you lied, or} your one of those {weird} girls who has kept her Barbies in Plastic -- notice ; they have never been played with hmmm now how many of you that consider your self a barbie still has your innocence???? Dont worry I'll wait I know theres at least one out there ; ( & shes the one who collects the dolls) . When we were younger our Barbies eiher ended up with their heads popped off ; or lying around with no clothes on -- I mean if thats your idea of a future than be my guest and be a Barbie all you'd like ! Anywhoooo ! im done with this ; Enjoy Yourself in all your plasticness !

-- P E A C E <3

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SounDsaVVyPiXiE said...

I love you for this one...

Not many people even know that Barbie started out as a sex doll for men at war... in other words, all these girls are claiming to be whores (just saying).